What we’re working for

EDARA is an independent organization working from a European context which mainly specializes in all kinds of Islamic multidisciplinary scientific studies, annual reports on social, economic, political and media issues concerning minorities and or disadvantaged by both native and immigrant populations and their developments society near monitors.

Will social phenomena with an academic and scientific nature approach, training, annual conferences, colloquiums and symposiums organized and also a strategy making it a reference point for Islamic education, research, Islamic media, archiving and information processing. Shall also be responsible for education and training for teachers and imams and the necessary supports provide.

EDARA will collaborations and partnership with several recognized organizations and institutions in order the experience and expertise to enrich. Shall unfold to social harmony, cultural diversity and universal values stronger in the society. It will also willingly vouch for its research department and expertise for guidance, training and nominating halal auditors and the necessary authentic Halal Certificates issue and systematic reporting as “Halal Watchers Europe” to all forms of abuse and fraudulent practices against go.


  • To promote learning from the perspective of the Islamic tradition within a modern society with growing cultural diversity like Belgium and Europe.
  • To distinguish itself as an Academy with a diverse, socially responsible learning community of high quality scholarship and academic rigor sustained by a faith that brings justice.
  • To work for the achievement of harmony, dialogue and balance in life, production and reproduction of knowledge within an Islamic paradigm.


  • EDARA is a learning organization of life long learners.
  • EDARA is a centre of educational excellence, which provides academic education, carrying out scientific research, disseminating knowledge to society, contributing to the improvement, and upgrading of qualities of human life and civilization in order to sustain leading and progressive science.
  • EDARA seeks for ongoing relations with both institutions of higher education in Europe or abroad.

EDARA publishes biographical book involving prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Brahim Laytouss of EDARA introduces a new book about the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
The content of the book answers to the important mainstream subjects that are discussed withing society.
Answers from the life of the prophet Muhammad.

This book has been made possible by different international organisations like Nusrah, ISRA and etc.